Compliance is King


The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) estimates that nearly 6 billion text messages are sent everyday. Imagine those 6 billion messages as cars driving around, when we drive we have highways, traffic lights, signs and so many more things on the roads that help get those cars get their destinations.

The same is true for those 6 billion text messages being trafficked through different through phone carries, cell towers, and service providers. Those texts also follow rules are guidelines in order to get to where they need to go. While it may not be abundantly obvious and apparent when you use your phone to send personal texts, these rules and regulations really come into play when it comes to mass communication.

Consumer protection laws have made the mass communication landscape a bit of a minefield with more and more spam flooding carrier message sending queues. In order to cut down on spam, now senders must verify themselves with a third party service so volume, open rates, undeliverables and bounce rates can be assessed to ensure vendors are sending appropriate and compliant texts to recipients. Understandably these carries do not want their customers to be inundated with spam, so should a vendor exceed or subvert the guidelines set out by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) it will trigger their clients account to be shut down and flagged.

Sounds scary right? Well it kind of is.

But fear not….introducing OakRidge Consulting’s real-time-up-to-date-hands-off-fail-safe compliance tool (no we don’t actually call it that, but maybe we should)!

Our engineers took our clients biggest fears of being shutdown by phone carriers to heart, they built our system with such precision that allows us to give our clients a 100% guarantee that not only are we completely current with all things compliance, but that our system will never get their accounts
banned. Our system will automatically tabulate bounce rates, spam reports, and everything in between to make sure that if you are approaching the point of no return we will stop the project so we can assess the situation and more importantly keep you from getting banned. This system and its success rate is the reason why OakRidge Consulting’s texting platform is continuously ranked as one of the highest throughput text message senders across the major carrier network – something we are pretty proud of.

There’s a certain fast food chain who’s name I’ve been told I cannot mention, what I can say is their main goal is to get you to eat more chicken. Anyway, they have slogan which encapsulates what it means to be the best in your field, for them it goes, “We didn’t Invent the Chicken Sandwich, We Just Perfected it.” to take a page out of Chick-fil….. whoops.. I mean unnamed fast food chicken restaurant… at OakRidge we like to say, “We didn’t invent the text message, we just perfected it.”

And we are working everyday to perfect it that much more.


Corey Barsky is the Business Development Director at OakRidge Consulting. Barsky has functioned as senior data strategist and grassroots coordinator working with clients to optimize their brand reinforcement, and penetration of their name ID. Coming from his hometown of Philadelphia, Barsky plans on remaining in Pittsburgh where he currently resides, since obtaining a degree in Neuroscience.


Compliance is King

The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) estimates that nearly 6 billion text messages are sent everyday. Imagine those 6

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